Milk jam, also called “Dulce de Leche“, is a delicious milk caramel cream made of cooked fresh milk and sugar.

Thick, creamy or liquid it is ideal as filling, for compositions, as covering or as decoration. This milk caramel cream is also recommended as ingredient for different pastries, crêpes, waffles, cakes (e.g. cheesecake), cupcakes, muffins and many desserts (e.g. pudding). Furthermore, it is very nice as sauce on ice cream and fruits and can also be enjoyed as spread and on biscuits.

Milk jam is in many countries of Europe (e.g. France and Spain) and North- and South America already very popular and is offered there by big super market chains.

Unique and very tasty. An unforgettable pleasure. Now also available in Germany!

Ingredients: Cow milk (61%), sugar and skimmed milk powder (8,4%). Some types also contain natural vanilla aroma, glucose syrup and agar-agar. Without colorants, without preservatives, without palm oil and gluten-free. Made in France.